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The Italian-American Interment During World War II Research Paper

The Italian-American Interment During World War II - Research Paper ExampleThe Italian-American Interment During World War IIRoosevelt who at first admired the ways of the Italians via his affinity with the soon to be dictator Benito Mussolini, and then decided that the very person he admired was straight a threat because of Mussolinis solid partnership with Adolf Hitler under the Pact of Steel. It was this paranoia on the part of Roosevelt that led to acts of Congress in the years of 1935-1939 that allowed for the illegal internment of Italians and eventually, the Germans and Japanese. Examples of this legislative work include the Alien Registration Act of 1940 and the Dangerous Cargo Act. All of the actions which the American government took against the enemy aliens on their land led to the origin of Nazi-like internment camps where Italians were held indefinitely without any charges being filed and their movement limited within the area of their incarceration. Thus, they were no t allowed to hold jobs or own any businesses in their community. These inhumanities were alone the tip of the iceberg when it came to the atrocities of war against the Italians residing in America without any legal status, though. If one were of Italian descent and living in the United States at that clock without the benefit of citizenship, he and his family would most likely end up in an internment camp, regardless of the fact that the Italian Americans were one of the largest immigrant groups in the country at the time. The Italian immigrants were just like any other immigrant family in the United States. They struggled to retain their heritage while doing their best to become a part of the newborn culture that they chose to involve themselves with. It was these types of people who became the targets as alien threats in America. Mainly because of their adjustment issues, the old time Italians who could not adjust to the American way of life sentence found themselves agreeing with Mussolini in terms of Fascist ideology, which they came to view in terms of a renewed spirit of their homeland that they needed to honor. 2 These sentiments also caused a great divide between the immigrant Italians and their first generation born Italian-American offspring who now identified more with the land of their birth in terms of heritage rather than the homeland of their parents. The arrests of the Italians living in America began on December 7, 1941. People arrested were part of the so-called Custodial List of the FBI that Pres. Roosevelt had the agency compile in the event that the United States needed to get involved in the ongoing World War. The list was meant to protect the country from being infiltrated by enemy forces and was countersink into action through the power of Title 50 of the U.S. Code, based on the 1798 Alien and Sedition Act which allowed for the arrest of alien threats during times of emergency. 3 such(prenominal) was the perceived threat from the Italian immigrants during this time that the government began a rigorous campaign to quash the Italian heritage of first generation Italian Americans by declaring Italian an enemy language. The slogan for their campaign was Dont Speak the Enemys Language Speak American These posters lined the Italian-American communities during the war time era and saw a quick decline in the use of Italian in the country since business owners decided not to speak the language in their place of

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Term paper for the class the economics of race and gender

For the class the economics of race and gender - Term Paper ExampleThe changing roles have been discussed ground on the views from the various articles.This is an important topic as it brings out the current events in the society and in addition highlights the changes that have been noted in the markets. The style of life sentence and even basic spending patterns have seen a major chance with the changing roles in the household. This topic plays a very important role in the current times and has not only brought out the revolution of women but also brings out the changing efforts of men and their contributions to the home front as well.With the turning point and the declining markets, the number of men who have lost their jobs has increased to a great extent. The research by Brown clearly indicates that around 9.4% of the men are preserve to be unemployed, while only around 7% of women have been impacted by this ecological niche (Brown). It has been noted with the changing tim es and the openness of society, there has been a higher acceptance of the men staying at home and taking care of the home chores while the wives go out and earn the money for the sustenance of the families. As very well explained by Lauren Young, The definition of fatherhood has expanded to encompass a capacity for caregiving, just as motherhood has expanded to include breadwinning (Young).It is also crucial to identify that the changes in roles in a number of cases is voluntary while in some cases is pushed upon. However as per the data from 2007, it has been noted that almost 33.5% of the women tend to earn much more than their husbands and there has been a higher number of men who are slowly losing out on their jobs due to the recession and the worsened economic conditions across the world. There have been varied views on the changing roles. As has been explained by Allison Linn, While many female breadwinners say they bonk their jobs and are proud of being able to support the

Customer satisfaction and loyalty Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Customer satisfaction and loyalty - Assignment ExampleOnce they enter the doors, it is the job of the front business line employees (those who meet and greet the customers first) to keep them coming back by providing excellent customer aid. Abildtrup states that businesses cannot depend on their employees to understand how to deal with customers on their own instead, they must have the training they need to get the job done. Employees must understand that they are one of the reasons why people do come back to a business. If someone goes to a business for the first time, they are looking for something in particular that solo that business can provide for them at that time. If customer service is genuine and happens quickly, people will remember this experience they will also remember a bad experience.Buchholz (2010) identifies four levels of interest that employees have who work in any business. These four levels are1.The survival level where the employee comes to work to do their job. They cannot be depended on to take on additional work because they are only there to get a paycheck.2.The acceptance level employee is open to new jobs and they believe in the philosophy and the goals of the organization. They are productive employees but they do not like to do more work, and if something else comes along, they probably will leave.3.The merit level employee loves the company and adds to the companys mission. They love their job and they are the people who actually make authoritative that things are done. They are loyal employees.

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How does diversity of employment affect the welfare(income per person) Dissertation

How does diversity of employment affect the welfare(income per person) in cities of America - Dissertation ExampleThe initial variables included in the model were average education level of population, median age, unemployment rate, income tax rate and coastal city and a dummy variable competent to identify cities with welfare. Additional variables for inclusion in the model are still being considered, for example, transfer payments. It is important to hypothesize the expected relationship between the supreme variables and the income per person. The higher average education level of the population in a city should increase the level of welfare, since, education is known to have a beneficial effect on the income of a person. For median age, one would expect the welfare to increase up to a certain point and then begin to slump after a certain peak age. This certain age, perhaps, between the ages of 18-50, as suggested in the literature, but, it is difficult to determine the sign of the coefficient for median age. It is possible there is a non linear relationship between welfare and age, with income increasing with age up to a certain point and then beginning to decrease after a certain age. A higher unemployment rate should lead to decrease in income, based on theory.

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Experience in writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Experience in writing - Essay ExampleOne of my strongest points is that I have a good assertion of grammatical correctness I have constantly practiced this in the course of improving my communication. In any piece of writing, I give very much attention to avoiding spelling and typographical errors that whitethorn distort my message. The ability to organize my points in an effective way also forms part of my strengths in writing. To that end, I always ensure that my points are well organized and logically supporting my thesis. However, I have weakness in language use especially in the scenario where I have to choose the right word, among many words leading in the same direction. I tend to confuse the difference between these types of words and may end up using the least-fitting one. My experience also features love and scorn stories for writing. What I love most is the ability to communicate my mind without necessarily expressing tinctures. I have weakness in expressing true feel ings and, thus far, this has made writing a better place since it gives me an ample time for constructing my views to best fit the feeling I intend. In which case, my narrative skills have served me best in improving my confidence and love for writing. Despite the love, I have a strong hate for the rules restricting the use of First-persons pronouns. I always feel that such kind of cases restrict me from fully expressing myself within a piece of writing especially in a case where I would like to identify personally with my narration and let the reader have a glimpse of genuineness.

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Development of Europe during 1500-1795 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Development of atomic number 63 during 1500-1795 - Essay ExampleThis development is the result of many important variables. To start with, Politics during that period fledged in this period. Europe has witnessed a shift towards the democracy and the rule of people in the role. However, this was the result of strong scientific and artistic developments that took place in Europe during that era which helped mature the politics of the region.Religion was believably the weakest link in that era which contributed towards the development of Europe during that era as religion was more or less denounced and a new shift towards the religious consciousness took place which mostly rejected the traditional view of the religion within the region as there were strong religious movements from inquisitions to Calvinism, Europe burned under the wrath of religion however, this only fueled the hatred against religious authorities in the region rather than embracing them.However, the biggest contribu tion to the development of Europe came from its economic development. Industrial revolution in the region changed the way European Society tends to live. Right from changing the way governance were done to the very fabric of life Europe. As discussed above that the trade on the Atlantis taking place provided Europe a gigantic opportunity to flourish and develop. The invention of steam engines provided the quickest mode to transport besides other industrial development increased the production capacities of the major industrial hubs of the region including England, France, Portugal, Spain and The Netherlands. It is because of this reason that it is often argued that the development of Europe is mainly is the development of above mentioned countries. (Acemoglu, Johnson and Robinson)All other forces which seems to have contributed to the development of Europe have probably emerged out of the industrial revolution and economic development in the region. The subsequent economic

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Designing Learning and Development Activities Essay

Designing erudition and Development Activities - Essay ExampleThe essay Designing Learning and Development Activities analyzes the required factors to make a successful learning session. The paper also overviews the methods usable to assess learning and performance.There are numerous methods available to assess learning and performance although the most vital factor in selecting the assessment tool should base on the type of audience, experience, education, venue and subject matter. In adult learning theories and Andragogical learning phenomena, the most effective way of adult learning is self-directed and experiential learning, where a participant can experience the problem first hand and propose a solution for it. Such activities are more effective in groups since brainstorming can provide alternatives.The culture and environs of the organization can impact the facts of life, if an organization has a culture that is redundant to change with no regards to self-improvement or le arning activities learning activities would not be fruitful and participants would yawn in even the most appropriate training session with a lot of exciting and job relevant activities. Learning methods vomit up from one-sided lecture-like training to facilitator based learning sessions. Both methodologies have their pros and cons although both are still used widely in organizations depending on the type of training and intended audience. A one-sided training is suitable for learning sessions that are general in nature, for example, code of conduct or explaining a policy to the employees.